It works

Well, what do you know.

This thing, many of which appear in this photo in different colors and styles, actually works.

The husband and the daughter have been using it for years ---- they say it relaxes tired muscles brought about by the many sports they do.  Naturally, I did not believe, not entirely, at least.  My old-fashioned mind could not make heads and tails of how a neckpiece, no matter how cute and cool it looks and especially because of how cute and cool it looks, could possibly take away stiffness, or soreness.  A good massage can do wonders, so will accupuncture.  But a thing like this, that looks like a headband and/or a glamorized rubber band, sometimes both all at once....... I mean, really, how?!?

My awakening came a couple of days ago when I got up from bed after a particularly strenuous dance rehearsal, that had me at times being flipped a bit here and there, with terrible stiffness from my neck all the way down to my back. I could not move my head very much.  One back massage, two rounds of hot compress, a stretching activity later, and with no sign/symptom of significant relief hovering anywhere near me still,  I was more than just a little bit ready to try Phiten.  It was something I have heard so much about.  I already had a couple of them actually, given to me as presents, just sitting in some lonely corner gathering dust. It's funny how discomfort can make you quite accepting of things, especially if it promises some measure of relief.  I was ready to give the poor loopy thing a chance to work its famed 'magic' on me.

Richard snapped it on around my neck and, with a promise and a little rub, said that I should feel the difference in no time.  He is far from being a victim of marketing (he can be quite skeptical of wonder products come to think of it) so his confident prediction was one more thing that made the whole thing feel right.

In a few hours I could move my head again from side to side again the way normal people do, and the following day I was able to throw my head back to do That Dance Step That Started It All.  I was able to resume rehearsals, and while there, dance the dance. I took to Phiten like fish to water, and it was all easier and more gratifying than I ever thought.

I still wear it religiously, even with the stiffness now all gone.  It feels good.  And I take it off only when I absolutely have to (like when I am on cam and it does not really match my outfit).  Otherwise, it's on me.  This is nothing to scoff at.  Phiten, God bless whoever discovered this, is a good thing.  No, it's quite a wonderful thing actually --- unassuming but totally praise-worthy.

I am a sheepish convert, a firm believer now.  Because, although I still do not technically know exactly why and how, it works.  It is as simple as that.  And it cannot possibly get any better than that.


  1. I think I need magic now. I wonder if they have those here.

  2. kinda feel guilty about your neck pain misery Sis since im responsible for that back bend rountine for our Argentine Tango dance...he he he, but you were able to wing it, as always! Congrats & keep up the good work, & keep wearing that magical necklace!!! Egai