A black hole

It has been 21 days since my first post.

No, I have not fallen into a black hole, although at times it sure has felt that way. I am still here, and have neither been too busy, or too lazy, to write.  Quite the contrary actually.  I have more than just a few drafts in my dashboard, and all these time when I have been seemingly quiet and absent was spent (in between, of course, the steady demands of the day and a life) trying to figure out, in my low tech mind and with my low tech knowledge, how to make photos find its way within the words in my blog, and right before that, how to crop and enhance the quality of my amateur shots.  It is, simultaneously and alternately, easier and more difficult than I thought.  But I'm getting there.

I've managed to make friends with blogging technology somehow, what little I know and understand of it, in a pace slower than I could ever wish.  But I can't complain, really.  I'm trying to figure it all out mostly by myself, and with lots of help from two people ---- Rica, who I hope and pray will officially be my sister-in-law very soon and my husband, whenever he has free time from his otherwise packed and often toxic schedule.  Oh, make that three.  My daughter has proved to be invaluable, too.  And brave.  She sensibly presses a button here and there, clicks this and that, and magic (in my eyes at least) happens.  All of a sudden, what once was a jumbled mess makes sense to me.  She is more computer savvy than I am, bless heaven for small mercies like that.  Thank you, Juliana.

I will back, hopefully within the day, with a new post that has been steeping patiently, faithfully, in my draft box since January 16.  There will be pictures, too.  I am almost done dragging the latter lot here and there.  My oh my, I can get lost and engrossed for hours doing just that.

That said I do not know, given the many things I constantly have to do, if that will always be a good thing ..........

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